6 Mistakes To Avoid Making During Exams


Hey there, guys. Board exams are just a few months away. How is your preparation going on?


Are you scared about what might happen? Well, don’t be. Just stay confident and trust yourself that you will do your best.


On that note, we are here to tell you about a few things that you could avoid doing in your exam papers.


(1) Reading Last Minute: This is the first mistake we all make. You should not read till the last minute. Majority of us wait till the very end to enter our classrooms thinking that we could get more time to revise.


This is not the case. By doing so you will get more tensed. In that tension you might feel like you don’t remember things and your confidence will decrease even if you do know the answers.


(2) Not Reading the Question Paper well: As soon as the question paper is given to you, you should take your time, read the question paper carefully and then start writing. Do not forget to check all the sides of the question paper.


Many students don’t read the questions properly and write an answer that is not needed. If you want to score well you have to read and write very carefully.


Also, you should pay attention to questions that offer an option. Like for example, answer any 3 of the following. If you read this question correctly you will answer only 3. If not, then you will be wasting your time writing answers that are unnecessary.


(3) Skipping Questions: While writing our paper most of us write very fast. If we come across a question which we do not know the answer to we tend to skip it as to not waste time. And yes, this is correct. But you should also remember to leave space for the answer.


Also, when you skip a question make sure you use a pencil to mark the question number in your question sheet. This way when you finish your paper you will remember that there are other answers that are pending.


(4) Giving Up: This is a very common mistake students make. When they do not know an answer they just give up and do not even try to attempt it.


If there is a 5 marks question but you know only 2 or 3 points of the answer then you should go ahead and write it down. You will get at least 1 or 2 marks for it which is better than nothing. Every mark counts.


(5) Wasting Time: Like I have said before, while writing our paper we tend to skip questions we do not know the answers to. Well, for some students that is not the case.


They spend a lot of time trying to figure the answer out when instead they should be attempting a question, they already have the answer to.


While skipping a question make sure you leave the proper amount of space for the answer and also mark the question number on your question paper.


To help yourself finish your paper on time, you could divide the number of hours you have for the paper. Set a goal for yourself. For example, by the time 1 hour is over you should have already finished question 1 and 2.


(6) Discussing the Paper: All students do this. Once the paper is over and they come out of the examination hall they discuss the question paper with their friends and classmates.


This is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. If you discuss your paper and find out that you have written answers different to what your friend has written you will get tensed and worried. You will be wondering which is the correct answer, if your answer is right or wrong, etc.


Getting tensed after the paper is over will do you no good. But it will do you harm. Your confidence for the next papers will decrease and you won’t be able to perform well.


So here you have it friends. 6 mistakes to avoid during your exams. Keep these in mind and they will help you a lot. Just work hard and be confident.


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Best of luck!