English Made Easy


Hey there, you guys. Today I come bearing some exciting news. But before I tell you what it is, let me ask you a few questions.


Do you ever feel like you need to practice your English but don’t know how to do so? Or do you feel like some books or websites make it more complicated than it needs to be?


Well, if you feel this way, you are going to love what I have brought you today. Let’s Tute has found an easy way for you to learn and practise English grammar. We are coming out with a book called ‘English Made Easy’.


What is it?


‘English Made Easy’ is an English grammar book. We will be launching it soon and have no doubt it will be a hit. This book will be available in hard copy as well as digitally. To make it easier for people to buy this book, we will also be selling it on Amazon.


What does it contain?


As you know, it is a grammar book which will have English grammar questions. Obviously right?


But as you might think, it is not any ordinary book. This grammar book will contain detailed sections on different topics. It is a book that contains answers to all your queries related to grammar. We have taken out the time and effort to see that you get the best education you deserve.


That’s not all though. This book will also contain tips and tricks that will help you understand and learn better.


Let me make myself clear here. Let’s Tute does not believe in doing half hearted work. We have made sure that the content in this book will help everyone out there who struggle with the English language.


Now moving on, in this book you will find some QR codes for specific topics. Upon scanning these codes, you will come to find that it will take you directly to a video which will clear your doubts on said topic.


These QR codes have been carefully chosen by our English team. These codes correspond to the topics majority of people find tough or confusing to understand. If the tips given in the book don’t help you, the videos surely will.


What is unique about this book?


When you go to buy books do you see on the front page it is mentioned for specific ages? Well, in English Made Easy there is no such thing. This book is appropriate for people of all ages.


Our book is divided into sections. Each section caters to the needs of different people. For example, there is a section which is for beginners or kids in school. There is also another section which caters to people who are more advanced in the language.

Similarly, there are different sections which will be perfect for you no matter which level you are on.


This book is not only about studying or learning. It is also about having fun with the language. In this book, on specific pages we have put in few jokes and funny comments.


Also, if you think books are boring and very old fashioned let me tell you we have found a solution for this too. As I have said above, this book will cater to everyone including people who feel this way.


We have taken something old and infused it with some modern-day ideas. I wish I could tell you what it is but there should be some suspense left for you while you read the book!




Here comes the exciting part! Let me tell you about the details of this contest. So firstly, this contest will be held before the launch of the book on Instagram.


Let’s Tute is conducting a story completion contest. Those of you who follow us on Instagram probably already know about it. If you don’t follow us, head on to our page and participate in it.


For the ones who do not know, you will be given a sentence and you will have to write a story following it. The days to participate in this contest are 1st March to 7th March 2021.


The sentence is: One day you wake up and realise that you are the only person left….


The prizes for this contest are as follows:


·      The top 3 winners will get free lifetime access to our ‘Spoken English Course’


·      The story will be featured in our magazine ‘Just English’ along with your name and picture.


·      You will also get a physical copy of our book ‘English Made Easy’


I hope you participate in this competition because if you ask me this is a pretty great deal. Even if you think you can’t win, what’s the harm in trying right? At least you will learn something for sure.

I hope to see you all participate for this exciting offer.

Good luck to you all.