Spoken English Course for Homemakers


Happy Women’s day to all you amazing ladies. Today, the focus is on you and since it’s your day we have brought you something special.


You are beautiful and inspiring. You take care of everything, from your family to your household duties and everything in between but when was the last time you did something for yourself?


Why not do something for yourself today? This women’s day do something that makes you happy. Do something to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Love yourself a little more this year.


Let’s Tute is launching a spoken English course which caters to the needs of homemakers or housewives.

The reason we are launching this course is because we have heard so many instances wherein housewives hesitate to speak up in social situations because the people around are speaking in English.


Does this ever happen to you? For example, do you ever feel left out of a conversation at a party because people are talking in English? Or are you afraid to speak up at a parent teacher conference?


If this is the case, we have the solution for you. This course is special because we have covered every topic a housewife will need to know.


What does our course include?




·      90+ Pre-Recorded videos


·      MCQs


·      Practice Sets


·      Listening Tests


·      Lifetime Access


E-Learn + Live Sessions


·      E-Learning Materials


·      24 Live Sessions


·      Batch of 10


E-Learn + Live Sessions


·      E-Learning Materials


·      24 Live Sessions


·      One to One (Personalised)


What will you learn?


·      Self-introduction and how to introduce yourself to others


·      Terms for daily activities


·      Terms for different things used in our daily life (utensils, vegetables, spices, etc)


·      Commonly used phrases for expressing your ideas and conveying your message in different situations


You deserve only the absolute best. We believe this course would be perfect for you so why not grab this opportunity to better yourself?


You can check out our website and buy our course or book a free demo for yourself. If you like you could also contact us at 9152119152 we are here to help.


Come join us. Let’s have some fun with English!


Also, if you would like to see what else we have done for women’s day this year you could check out our magazine on our website. We have published a women’s day special magazine. So, go check it out now!