Science is a major paper so leave no stone unturned to get best results. Here are some important things you should follow during your exam.

As you get your paper first thing you should do is check all the papers of the answer sheet whether they are all ruled and not torn.  The next thing you should do is fill in all the required information correctly. Keep yourself calm and see that you do not make any mistakes and scratches on it. After this draw margins in both the sides left as well as right. Left because when you tie your paper the things written at extreme left may not be read clearly as it may get inside the tied portion and right margin will help your answer to be saved in  mishandling, if the paper tears or get damaged your answer will not be affected as you will not write beyond the margin space.

Now starts the main story i.e. writing the paper and its presentation. So, let us start with the writing part

·         Choice of pen-Use only one colour pen either blue or black. It is advised  carry two or three pen you choose of brand for exact shade of the colour. Do not use green or red those are usually used by the evaluators.

·         Numbering the questions-Be careful when you number the questions even before submitting recheck that you have  correctly numbered the answers and the sub questions.

·         Key words-Mentioning the keywords is very important to get full marks. It is always a good idea to highlight them it becomes easier for the examiners. Use same pattern to highlight the key words throughout the paper either use boxes or underline them avoid any fancy designs or decorations.

·         Mistakes-Avoid committing errors but as human being mistakes may happen but set a rule not to make mistakes on the first page and in the following pages if you go wrong just strike it off with a pencil or pen and rewrite it.

·         Answer as the question demands-

If the question is differentiate or distinguish make two columns and write.

If two marker question, then give 4 points but it also changes according to your standard or level.

Science papers usually have diagrams. So, use different pencils for neat diagram, give a proper title to the diagram, label it to the right of the figure, draw a box to the diagram to give a prefect presentation.

For long answers you can give briefly and point vice. Sometimes, long answers can be represented in flow chart, diagram, or step vice. You may not write the entire thing.

·         Blank page-As far as possible do not leave blank pages in between by chance if it happens please cross it off.

·         Word construction-Each word should be written complete. No sms language will be accepted.

·         Be precise-No irrelevant points or personal details should be mentioned unnecessary. If you write to the point and correctly then only you will get marks and not anything and everything unnecessary.

·         Go through the paper-The last but not the least it is very important you reserve some time to check your paper before submitting. Sometimes we identify blunders that we might have done. So, checking before submitting is very necessary.

It is time you follow these as this will work as a weapon for the achievers.