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Consignment Accounting Complete Course

Learn entire accounting with problem-solving (consisting of 20 sessions) on Consignment with our Consignment Accounting course.

Consignment refers to an arrangement whereby goods are sent by their owner to an agent who holds and sells the goods on behalf of the owner for a commission. Note that the consignment is different from the sale of goods. So watch out the session to understand the difference between both. The owner of the goods who send goods on consignment is known as Consignor and the agent who sells the goods for the commission is known as Consignee.

So here, we will understand the complete consignment accounting with journal entries and ledger accounts in the books of consignor and consignee.

Also, we need to find the value of unsold goods lying with consignees at the year-end. Here it is important to note that the consignee is never the owner of the goods. He only has physical possession of the goods but the ownership always lies with the consignee. So here we will also understand the valuation of closing stock.

What will you learn?

All the basics terms and concepts of Consignment Accounting

Difference between consignment and sales

Types of commission on consignment sales

Journal entries on Consignment Accounting

Valuation of unsold goods and goods in transit

Accounting when goods are sent on consignment at Invoice Price

Accounting when advance received from consignee as security money

7 comprehensive problem-solving sessions

Tips session on common mistakes in a consignment which one can avoid.

This accounting course consists of simple and logical explanatory videos on all the topics of Consignment along with various problems solving sessions which covers all the different varieties of concepts and adjustments and lastly the tips video on the mistakes to avoid in Consignment accounting.

Who can take this course?

This course is beneficial to all the students or professionals or anyone who wants to have in-depth knowledge of Consignment Accounting with the help of explanatory and problem-solving videos.

Benefits of taking this course

On completion of this course, your knowledge of Consignment Accounting will be stronger. This course consists of a total of 20 sessions which will make Consignment Accounting very easy and interesting with a deeper knowledge of the entire topic.

Explanatory videos ensure complete concept understanding.

Problem-solving sessions help in applying your knowledge to solve various problems.

Tips video helps in revising the entire chapter and common mistakes to avoid in exams.

In short, it is an interesting and complete course on consignment fulfilling all the needs.


No prior knowledge or experience is essential.

Anyone who wants to learn or to know the basics can enroll for this course

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So hurry up and enroll now!

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  • lessons
  • 2 hr 10mins
  • Consignment Accounting Cycle
  • Basic Journal Entries
  • Advance Journal Entries
  • Journal Entries of Del-credere Commission
  • Valuation of Stock on Consignment
  • Valuation of Goods-in-transit
  • Goods sent on Consignment at Invoice Price
  • Advance received on Consignment as Security Money
  • Advanced received on consignment
  • Advanced Journal Enteries of Consignment
  • Good sent invoice Price On
  • Journal Entry of Del-credere Commision
  • Consignment 1 New (J.E Cycle and Basic)
  • Problem solving - 1
  • Problem solving - 2
  • Problem solving - 3
  • Problem solving - 4
  • Problem solving - 5
  • Problem solving - 6
  • Problem solving - 7
  • Mistakes to Avoid in Consignment Accounting


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