Spoken English For Beginners


Spoken English For Beginners

Hello, Letstute has come up with a new course on spoken English. Our English experts will cater to all your needs right from the beginning till the very end. In this course, you shall learn all about spoken English and many tips on how you can learn it. not only that we shall provide you numerous different videos on different aspects of life like beginners, when you go out, when you meet someone, when you attend different gatherings, for your professional fields and much more.

You shall also have various tests to appear, which will ensure that you can not only learn to speak in English but also understand what others are saying and reciprocate the same with the same altitude. We shall also distribute notes and pdfs which will come handy whenever and wherever.

What will you learn?

  • What is spoken English?
  • Why spoken English?
  • Tips to spoken English
  • How to boost your confidence?
  • How to introduce yourself?
  • How to talk to people
  • How to carry out day to day conversations?
  • What to do in various social events
  • Interview tips
  • How to understand someone speaking in English?
  • How to reciprocate?

and much more...

Benefits of taking this course:

  1. Learn English in your language
  2. Life long learning process
  3. Will know the basics of spoken English
  4. Will be able to speak in English
  5. Will be able to understand English
  6. Can clear any doubt with direct contact
  7. New videos every week

If You Have Any Queries you can Call / Whatsapp Us on  +917506363600 Or Mail us

on Info@letstute.co.in

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  • lessons
  • 3 hr 25mins
  • 5 Tips for spoken english
  • 3 Ultimate Tips : Think, Immitate, Practice
  • How to use audio visual in improving language
  • Describing Weather- Summer
  • Describing Weather - Rainy
  • Describing Weather - Rainy
  • How To Improve Your Vocabulary
  • Words to use instead of Vey
  • A to Z vocabulary
  • Vocabulary - Quiz
  • 8 Common Mistakes
  • Common Mistakes - Quiz
  • Common English Phrases
  • Interview Tips
  • Common Interview Questions
  • Difficult Interview Questions
  • At a Restaurant
  • Understanding Recipes
  • Conversation at an Airport
  • How to carry out a conversation
  • How to ask and give direction
  • English for tourist
  • How to ask Questions in English
  • How to review a movie
  • 14 - Day Program Quiz
  • Who's Vs Whose
  • `Vowels and Consonants
  • There vs Their vs They're
  • Then Vs Than
  • Inquire Vs Enquire
  • I Before E Except C
  • Formal Vs Informal Letter
  • Complement Vs Compliment
  • Complain Vs Complaint
  • How To Use Apostrophe
  • Can Vs Could
  • Affect Vs Effect


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sushmita kunish – Jul 30, 2020:

Helped me a lot Thanks

Nikita shah – Jul 30, 2020:

Bohot hi simple way mai sikhaya hai apne.. Thank you