Maths Class 10 Maharashtra Board (SSC) Online Course


Maths Class 10 Maharashtra Board (SSC) Online Course

Counting, calculations, measurement, the study of objects and shapes require the knowledge of  Math. It is challenging but interesting at the same time. This is a course on Math Grade 10 Maharashtra Board following the latest syllabus of Maharashtra State Board.

This course is a complete package for students as it provides:

Explanatory and problem-solving videos for learning various mathematical concepts and problems.

Video-wise Quiz for testing your understanding about the topic.

Downloadable Assessment  for practice.

Previous 5 years solved question papers to make your exam ready.

The course content is arranged chapter-wise and contains all 15 chapters of Class 10th Math SSC (Maharashtra State Board).

What you'll learn:

This course covers all the topics of both Algebra and Geometry in class 10 Maths  - Maharashtra Board  in detail.

Who this course is for:

Students of Maharashtra State Boards Class 10

Anyone who wants to learn Maths

Teachers who wish to teach their students math in a simpler way


Students must have knowledge of the chapters of Math Class 9

Should Have knowledge of calculations

Strong interest to learn the subject

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  • lessons
  • 22 hr 10mins
  • Introduction - Intersecting lines
  • Graphical Method - Parallel lines
  • Determinant Method (Cramer's Rule)
  • Conditions for Consistency
  • Variables Reducible Method
  • Variables Reducible Method - problem solving
  • Pair of Linear Equation Activity Problem Solving
  • Pair of linear equation - Summary PDF
  • Pair of linear equation Solved Questions PDF
  • Introduction and Factorisation method
  • Completing the Square method
  • Quadratic Formula Method
  • Quadratic Equations Problem Solving 1
  • Quadratic Equations - Summary PDF
  • Quadratic Equations Solved Questions PDF
  • Introduction
  • Arithmetic progression PS (Tn)
  • Arithmetic progression PS (Sn)
  • Arithmetic Progression (Tn & Sn)
  • Arithmetic Progression
  • Amazing tricks to understand AP Formulae
  • Some Stupid math mistakes #07
  • Arithmetic Progression - Summary
  • Arithmetic Progression Solved Questions
  • Introduction to GST
  • GST problem solving
  • Introduction to Shares
  • Brokerage Calculations on Shares and GST on brokerage
  • Mutual Funds and SIP
  • Introduction To Statistics
  • Mean of Grouped Data
  • Mean of Grouped Data | Direct Mean Method
  • Mean Of Grouped Data | Assumed Mean Method | Shift Of Origin Method
  • Step Deviation Method | Shift Of Origin Method
  • Median Of Grouped Data
  • Mode Of Grouped Data
  • Introduction
  • Coin Experiment
  • Coin Experiment
  • Dice Experiment
  • Ball and Card Experiment
  • Ball Experiment
  • Card Experiment PS 1
  • Card Experiment PS 2
  • Card Experiment PS 2
  • Class 10 Math Probability Lecture Problem Solving
  • Probability - Summary
  • Probability - Summary
  • Criteria for similarity and Congruency of Triangle
  • Areas of Similar Triangle
  • Ratios of Areas of Similar Triangles
  • Basic Proportionality Theorem
  • Basic Proportionality Theorem
  • Triangles - Some Stupid Math Mistakes 1 - Quiz
  • Ratios of Areas of Similar Triangles
  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Pythagoras Theorem Derivation
  • Introduction to circles
  • Touching Circles | Tangent Circles
  • Inscribed Angle Theorem
  • Cyclic Quadrilateral
  • Tangent Secant Theorem
  • Properties of Intersecting Secants
  • Construction of tangents to a circle from an external point
  • Tangent to a circle from a point on it.
  • Construction of similar triangles
  • Division of a line Segment
  • How to divide a line segment in a given ratio
  • Construction - Summary PDF
  • Construction Solved Questions PDF
  • Introduction to Coordinate Geometry
  • Distance Formula
  • Section Formula
  • Distance Formula
  • Coordinate Geometry - Summary PDF
  • Coordinate Geometry Solved Questions PDF
  • Introduction and Trigonometric Ratios
  • Trigonometric Ratios Of Complementary Angles
  • Simple Trick to Remember Trigonometry Values
  • Derivation of Trigonometric Ratios Value Table
  • Basic Trigonometry Identities
  • Trigonometry - Summary PDF
  • Trigonometry Solved Questions PDF
  • Trigonometry Problem Solving
  • How Make A Clinometer
  • Board Questions 2015 (Part 1)
  • Board Questions 2015 (Part 2)
  • Amazing Tricks to understand Trigonometry
  • Some Application of Trigonometry - Some Stupid Math Mistakes 1 - Quiz
  • Some Application of Trigonometry - Some Stupid Math Mistakes 2 - Quiz
  • Application of Trigonometry - Summary PDF
  • Application of Trigonometry Solved Questions PDF
  • Surface Area of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder
  • Volume of Cube Cuboid and Cylinder
  • Surface Area Of A Sphere
  • Surface Area and Volume of Cone & Frustum
  • Surface Areas of Right Circular Cylinder | Activity Video
  • Amazing Tricks to Understand Mensuration Formulae
  • Surface Areas and Volumes - Some Stupid Math Mistakes 1 - Quiz
  • Amazing tricks to Understand Circle Formulae
  • Amazing tricks to Understand Circle Formulae
  • Areas Related To Circle - Part-1
  • Areas Related To Circle- Part 2 (Combination Of Plane Figures)
  • Area of Segment of a circle
  • Area of Segment of a circle - PS 1
  • Area of segment of a circle - PS 2