MCQ's For Science Class 9


In This Course, we will provide you with

1. Chapter Wise + Topic Wise MCQ

2. Every Course Contains 1500+ MCQ's

3. Progress Report 

4. Certification of completion

Math and Science are the two core subjects which have explained us everything starting from Big Bang Theory to the smallest unit of life a cell.

But still, we consider them as a complex subject and quite not able to relate to a lot of phenomenon of them.

Why this happens?

This is because we only learn and by-heart things without practicing them

So here is a course for you all to have a proper practice of these subjects

Which will not only help you to revise your concepts but also help you to score well in examinations.

Because you know

Practice makes a man perfect

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  • lessons
  • 1 hr 1mins
  • Matter in our surroundings
  • Is Matter Around Us Pure
  • All About Atoms
  • Cell-The Fundamental Unit Of Life
  • Tissues
  • Diversity in living organisms
  • Motion
  • Force & Laws of Motion
  • Gravitation
  • Work & Energy
  • Sound
  • Why Do We Fall ill
  • Natural Resources
  • Improvement in Food Resources


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