Tally ERP 9 Online Certification Course - English


Tally ERP 9 Online Certification Course In English
Want to Excel in Accounting? So here is a course which will help you to be a master in accounting. 
Tally is one such course in Accounting that can help you climb your career ladder at a faster pace. We tried explaining complete information that can be useful for you related to Tally Course.
This course is beneficial to every accounting student who wants to have Practical experience of the subject. 
The course covers every detail of tally starting from basics to advance. 

Who can take this course?
• Business owners
• Accounting Professionals
• Graduates looking for Job
• Any individual having an interest in learning Tally and its practical application.

Benefits of taking up this course:
• Learn basics of Tally
• Get a complete understanding of How to install and operate tally
• How to create a company 
• Explanation of various tally features 
• Recording of different types of transactions 
•Gst reports 
•Various shortcut keys and many more 

On completion of this course, you will get a good understanding of the theoretical as well as the practical angle of the tally. 
So hurry up and enrol now!!!
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  • lessons
  • 4 hr 10mins
  • Introduction to Tally: Uses, Advantages & automation, etc.
  • How to download and Install Tally
  • Company Creation in Tally
  • Quiz - Creating Company
  • Understanding Gateway of Tally Screen
  • Quiz - Understanding Gateway of Tally
  • Create/Alter and Display Groups in Tally
  • Create/Alter and Display Ledgers in Tally
  • Quiz -Creating and Posting Ledger in Tally
  • Create Stock Item and Stock Group in Tally
  • Posting Opening balances in Tally.ERP 9
  • Recording Sales and Purchase Transaction with Stock
  • Quiz - Recording purchase and Sale Transactions
  • Recording Receipt and Payment Transaction
  • Recording Contra Entries and Journal Entries
  • Quiz - Recording Payments, Receipts and Contra Entries
  • Entering Opening Business Stock in Tally.ERP9 and Other Stock Reports Analysis
  • Overview of GST and how to create GST Ledgers
  • Quiz - GST Overview
  • Recording Sales and Purchase Transaction with GST
  • Quiz - Recording Purchase and Sale Transaction - GST
  • GST Reports - GSTR - 1,2,3B
  • Quiz - GST Report
  • Quiz - Stock Items in GST
  • Concept of Change in Tax Rate
  • Concept of E-Way Bill and its effects
  • Quiz - E-way Bill
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Quiz - Bank Reconciliation
  • Basic Understanding of Payroll in Tally
  • Quiz - Salary Payroll
  • Create and Maintain Price List in Tally
  • Quiz - Price List
  • Understanding TDS and TDS Reports
  • Debtors, Creditors and Stock Report
  • Debtors, Creditors and Stock Report & Tally Backup
  • Manual and Auto Back, Manual and auto restore
  • Shortcut Keys in Tally
  • Quiz - Tally Shortcuts


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Sushant Patil – May 19, 2021:

To be honest, I was not a beginner, but I have learned so many new concepts of Tally.

Tejas Chipkar – May 19, 2021:

Finally, I decided to enrol in this course...and after 10 days I can say my decision was right

Swayam Kadam – May 19, 2021:

Good course!

Kajal Bhanushali – May 19, 2021:

Worth every penny that I invested in this course.

Ninad Raut – May 19, 2021:

I was looking for a good tally course for a long time, and I finally found one.