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Ratio Analysis

Learn various types of ratios analysis with our FREE course on Ratio Analysis. Ratio analysis is the comparison of line items in the financial statement of a business. Ratio analysis is used to evaluate a number of issues with an entity, such as its liquidity, efficiency of operations, and profitability. This type of analysis is particularly useful to analysts outside of a business, since their primary source of information about an organization is its financial statements. Ratio analysis is less useful to corporate insiders, who have better access to more detailed operational information about the organization. It is particularly useful when employed. There are several hundred possible ratios that can be used for analysis purposes, but only a small core group is typically used to gain an understanding of an entity. Below are the 10 ratios that are most important from company point of view.

  • What will you learn? 

I. Introduction to Ratios

II. Current Ratios

III. Cash Ratios

IV. Quick Ratios

V. Defensive Interval Ratios

VI. Net Working Capital Ratios

VII. Equity Ratios

VIII. Capital Structure Ratios

IX. Capital Gearing Ratios

X. Debt Service Coverage Ratios (DSCR)

This Accountancy Course is absolutely for free especially for beginners. It consists of simple and logical explanatory videos on each of the mentioned topics along with some problem-solving sessions. 

  • Who can take this course?
  • -- Every Individual
  • -- Professionals or businessman
  • -- Students
  • -- Any student who have an interest in finance
  • -- 11th & 12th Students
  • -- FyB.Com, SyB.Com, TyB.Com, BAF etc. 
  • Benefits of taking this Course:

-- Explanatory videos ensure complete concept understanding.

-- Problem-solving in the concept videos itself

On completion of the course, your Concept of Ratios Analysis will be stronger, also with the help of explanatory Problem solving one will understand the application of the knowledge gained while understanding the concepts. This course will prove beneficial in learning any other higher level accounting chapter as well because the basics always remain the same.

In short, it is an interesting course fulfilling all the student's needs.

So hurry up and enroll now!

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