Excel Diploma Course For Working Professionals & Managers


Excel Diploma Course For Working Professionals & Managers

Welcome to MS Excel Beginner’s Course,

Our MS Excel course is designed under the expert knowledge of CA Santosh Apraj, with the use of the latest Office 365 and updated MS Excel software program on windows. In this course you will acquire the complete knowledge about Excel Fundamentals and all the necessary formulae and functions. We have included many tricks and shortcuts that will help you to easily use Excel and save your time while dealing with huge data and bring efficiency in your day-to-day tasks.


We have especially designed our course keeping in mind working professionals, job aspirants and students, so that this course can be beneficial to each and every-one opting for it.


Our course is specially designed with ease of explanation and putting down difficult formulae with easy explanation and how helpful it will be in your daily life. We have also included some questions & answers after each section so that you can test your knowledge and skills.


This course will teach you thoroughly on how to use and apply the important tools & shortcuts in Excel and how to apply various functions that can help save your time.

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll now and enjoy this complete course on Excel.

What you will learn from this Course?

At the end of the course you will be able to deal with a large amount of data and also will be able to apply text, number, math, lookup function, statistical functions & reference functions very easily without any hesitation. You will find it easy to manage organizing tools in Excel like charts, pivot table, etc.

Who should Enroll?

This course is designed for Individuals seeking jobs, college students, working professionals, data analysts and anyone who is willing to gain knowledge about Excel applications.

For whom is this Course designed:

·         Job Aspirants

·         Working Professionals

·         Marketing, Finance, Sales department Professionals

·         Any Graduates who want to learn Excel.

·         Students who want to aspire their Career into the field of Data Science, Data mining & Data MIS.

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  • lessons
  • 6 hr 2mins
  • 13. Entering Text to Create Spreadsheet Titles
  • 14. Working with Numeric Data in Excel
  • 15. Creating Drop-Down Menus with Data Validation
  • 16. Entering Date Value in Excel
  • 17. Working with Cell Reference
  • 18.Creating Basic Formulas in Excel
  • 19. Relative vs Absolute Cell References in Formulas
  • 20.Understanding the Order of Operations
  • 21.Writing Efficient formula with Fixed or Relative References
  • Quiz : Entering Data and Editing Formulas
  • 22. Moving and Copying Data in an Excel Worksheet
  • 23. Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
  • 24. Changing the Width and Height of Cells
  • 25. Hiding and Unhiding Excel Rows and Columns
  • 26. Renaming and Deleting an Excel Worksheet
  • 27. Moving and Copying an Excel Worksheet
  • Quiz : Modifying an Excel Worksheet
  • 28. Viewing your Document in Print Preview
  • 29. Changing the Margins, Scaling and Orientation
  • 30. Working with Page Layout View
  • 31. Adding Header and Footer Content
  • 32. Printing a Specific Range of Cells
  • Quiz : Printing an Excel Worksheet
  • 33. How to enter text and edit formulas
  • 34. Common Types of Errors in Excel formulas
  • 35. Absolute Reference
  • 36. Relative Reference
  • 37. Mixed Reference
  • 38. Use of Functions
  • Quiz : Formula and References in Excel
  • 39. Inserting Images
  • 40. Inserting Excel Shapes
  • 41. Formatting Excel Shapes
  • 42. Working with Excel Smart Art
  • Quiz : How to Insert Shapes and Images into Excel Worksheet
  • 43. Visually representing Data
  • 44. Creating Excel Column Chart
  • 45. Working with Excel Chart Ribbon
  • 46. Formatting Charts
  • 47. Scatter Charts
  • 48. Combo Charts
  • 49. Pivot Chart
  • 50. Pie Charts: How to use and Application
  • 51. Adding and Modifying a Data on Excel Chart
  • Quiz : Creating Charts & Graphs in Excel
  • 52. Structure of Excel Function
  • 53. Working with SUM()
  • 54. Working with MIN() MAX() Functions
  • 55. Working with AVG()
  • 56. Working with COUNT()
  • 57. Cell Errors in Excel Calculations
  • 58. How to use Autosum Command & Shortcut key
  • 59. Using Autofill Command to copy Formulas
  • Quiz : Working with Basic Excel Functions
  • 60. Introduction to Advance Functions in Excel
  • 61. Payment Functions & Loans
  • 62. Future Value Function & Pensions
  • 63. VLOOKUP Function & GradeBooks
  • 64. IF, Concatenate, & Evaluation
  • 65. Conditional Formatting
  • 66. IFERROR Function & Dynamic Amortization Tables
  • 67. Calculating A Grade Example
  • 68. How to Collect Data by Google Forms?
  • Quiz : Excel Functions for Professionals
  • 69. Basic Excel Statistical Functions: COUNT, MEDIAN, MODE, PERCENTILE, STDEV, VAR, and more.
  • 70. Extracting Values with SMALL/LARGE & RANK/PERCENTRANK
  • 71. Randomization with RAND() & RANDBETWEEN
  • 72. Row-Level Calculation with SUMPRODUCT
  • 73. How to Calculate Shipping Cost with SUMPRODUCT?
  • 74. Conditional Aggregation with COUNTIFS, SUMIFS & AVERAGEIFS
  • 75. Building a Basic Dashboard with COUNTIFS & SUMIFS
  • 76. Counting Duplicates with COUNTIF & SUMPRODUCT
  • 77. Data Profiling with COUNT & SUMPRODUCT
  • Quiz : Statistical Functions Commonly used in Excel


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Sahil Jadhav – May 26, 2021:

very nice!

Sourabh Toraskar – May 26, 2021:

Mujhe excel ke basics already aate the but iss course see mujhe kafi advance features ke bare mein pata chala

Vijay Waghmare – May 26, 2021:

Amazing course loved it!

Vedant More – May 26, 2021:

Very well structured course

Sachin Kumar – May 26, 2021:

Microsoft excel ke sare features ko bahut aache se explain kiya hai

Bipul Sharma – May 26, 2021:

Shukriya itna accha excel course hindi mein banane keliye