Maths Class 6th CBSE - Complete Course


Counting, calculations, measurement, study of objects and shapes requires the knowledge of Mathematics. It is challenging but interesting at the same time. This is a course on Mathematics Grade 6 CBSE Board following the latest syllabus of NCERT.
This course provides:

  • Explanatory and problem solving videos for learning various mathematical concepts and problems.
  • Video-wise Quiz for testing your understanding about the topic.
  • The course content is arranged chapter-wise and contains all 14 chapters of Class 6th Math CBSE.

What you'll learn:

  • This course covers all the topics of both Algebra and Geometry in class 6 CBSE Maths in detail.

Who this course is for:

  • Students of CBSE Boards Class 6
  • Anyone who wants to learn Maths
  • Teachers who wish to teach their students math in a simpler way


  • Students must have knowledge of the chapters of CBSE Math Class 6
  • Should Have knowledge of calculations
  • Strong interest to learn the subject

The various topics are For Class 6th Mathematics.

  1. Knowing our Numbers
  2. Whole Numbers
  3. Playing with Numbers
  4. Basic Geometrical Ideas
  5. Understanding Elementary Shapes
  6. Integers
  7. Fractions
  8. Decimals
  9. Data Handling
  10. Mensuration
  11. Algebra Ratio and Proportion
  12. Symmetry Practical Geometry

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