Maths Class 10th SSC - Complete Course


This is an educational Pendrive for Class X SSC Maharashtra Board, for the Subject of Mathematics. 

The content has been mapped in accordance with SSC Maharashtra Board Syllabus following Maharashtra State Board. However, it can be used by students of any other other Boards. 

Each of the content is designed with great care by Subject Experts using simple real-life examples keeping in mind the need of every student. 
A better understanding of the concept eventually leads to better scoring in the exams. On buying this product you will have access to Quality Education Content- 110+ self-explanatory video session arranged chapter-wise. 
Revision- fun and challenging quiz videos on various topics of the subject for quick revision. Practice - soft copies of exercise documents for your practice. 
Complimentary videos- related video content on various topics. Thus, this Pendrive provides complete study material for the thorough understanding of various topics on Class X Statistics and Probability SSC Mathematics. 
The various topics are: Class 10 Maths 
Part - 1 
1) Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables 
2) Quadratic Equations 
3) Arithmetic Progression
4) Financial Planning
5) Probability 
6) Statistics 

Part - 2 

1) Similarity 
2) Pythagoras Theorem
3) Circle 
4) Geometric Constructions
5) Co-ordinate Geometry 
6) Trigonometry 
7) Mensuration 
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