Bookkeeping & Accounting Class 11th & 12th (COMBO -PACK)


Letstute's Accounting and Educational pen drive for Class XI and Class XII (Combo Pack) available for the subject of Book Keeping and Accountancy.The content has been mapped in accordance with the curriculum for class 11th and class 12th level. It can be used by students of any Board, for commerce student or anyone who wishes to learn basic book-keeping and accounting.

The various topics covered are:

    Class 11 (XI) Accountancy-
  1. 1. Introduction to Book-Keeping & Accountancy (including Accounting principles, concepts and conventions)
  2. 2. Meaning &Fundamentals of Double Entry Book-keeping System
  3. 3. Source Documents
  4. 4. Journal
  5. 5. Ledger
  6. 6. Subsidiary Books
  7. 7.Trial Balance
  8. 8. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  9. 9. Depreciation
  10. 10. Provision & Reserves
  11. 11. Errors & Rectification of errors
  12. 12. Financial Statement of Proprietary Concern
  13. 13. Adjustments in Financial Statement
  14. 14. Accounting Test Time (ATT)
  15. 15. Series of Art of Accounting Analysis (AAA)

Class 12 (XII) Accountancy (SYJC)-
    The various topics of Book Keeping & Accountancy are:
  1. 1. Types of organization
  2. 2. Introduction of partnership firm & its Final Accounts
  3. 3. Reconstitution of Partnership
    • Admission of a Partner
    • Retirement of a Partner
    • Death of a Partner
  4. 4. Dissolution of Partnership Firm
  5. 5. Accounts for 'Not For Profit' Concern
  6. 6. Bill of exchange
  7. 7. Accounts from Incomplete Records (Single Entry System)
  8. 8. Company Accounts (Part - I) (Issue and Forfeiture of Shares)
  9. 9. Company Accounts (Part - II) (Accounting for Debentures)
  10. 10. Accounting Test Time (ATT)
  11. 11. Series of Art of Accounting Analysis (AAA)

It also include Complementary video lectures related to accounting basics.
It is a complete study material and a guide for the thorough understanding of various topics on Class 11 (XI) and Class 12 (XII) of Book Keeping & Accountancy. It is easy to understand and well explained with real life examples. It also covers quiz videos on various topics. This Pen drive is all in one solution to all your basic book-keeping and accounting knowledge requirement. Thus, this Pen Drive provides as a perfect gifting option for commerce students of class 11 and 12.

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