Diploma in Business Mastery - Get Internship cover

Diploma in Business Mastery - Get Internship

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Language: Hindi

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Letstute’s business mastery course will help students in achieving academic and career success by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge

Course Content: (available in Hindi and English language)




Book-Keeping & Accounting

150+ Videos & Live Sessions

Microsoft Excel

30+ Videos & Live Sessions


30+ Videos & Live Sessions

GST Return Filing

100+ Videos & Live Sessions


100+ Videos & Live Sessions

English Speaking

50+ Videos & Live Sessions

Public Speaking

25+ Videos & Live Sessions

Digital Marketing

30+ Videos & Live Sessions


Key Features:


  1. Course Orientation: An introductory session will be held between students, parents and the teachers which will help the students in understanding the course modules & the process of training in greater detail.

  2. Video Lectures: Students will be provided with in-depth pre recorded video lectures that can be accessed anytime/anywhere via a mobile device (mobile app), a laptop or a personal computer. 

  3. Live Lectures: Students will be provided with live lectures for each module every week. Personal attention will be given to each student to ensure that each student learns to the best of their ability. The live lectures will be for a period of 2 hours. Recordings of these lectures will be available on the portal one day after the session takes place.

  4. Duration: This program will take place for a period of 3 months. In this period students will be provided with  live lectures for each module. 

  5. Assignment: Every week students will be given a specific target of completing the video lectures to ensure that they have a basic knowledge of the topic covered in the upcoming live sessions.

  6. Tests & Exams: Semester-wise online exams will be conducted to test student’s knowledge. Special attention will be given to students who have scored less. There will be 2 semesters in the period of 3 months.

  7. Assessment: Papers will be checked by our expert tutors by giving attention to detail. The test results will be mailed to the students and their guardians.

  8. Re-tests: Students failing to score good marks will have to appear for retests. Students will be allowed to move forward in their courses only after they clear their exams. Final certification will be provided only after all the exams have been cleared.

  9. Reporting: Systematic reports of the students’ progress will be sent to students & their guardians on a daily/weekly basis. 

  10. Attendance: Attendance will be taken in the live lectures and sms will be sent to parents of the students who are absent.

  11. Diploma Certification: Course diploma certificates will be issued to students who have cleared all their examinations. This certificate will help them in strengthening their C.Vs and Resumes.

  12. Study Material: Interactive study material, course pendrive will be provided to students for a better learning experience.

  13. Doubt Solving: A dedicated support team will be there to manage queries, solve doubts & provide assistance.

  14. Case Study- Students will be provided with case studies to get practical aspects of course.

  15. Internship/Job Placement Support: Students will be provided with good internship opportunities once they complete their courses. Right mentoring & guidance will be provided to students to ensure that they get placed in the finest industries.


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