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Our premium membership package includes online courses in various categories like professional courses, art & craft courses, popular courses & academic courses. In short, we are offering all our premium courses @ just Rs.599/- per month.

Professional Courses:

India has many professional guides for college kids with numerous needs. These publications enable our users to pursue the top-ranked jobs across the world, accordingly giving their careers an edge. These expert or vocational courses are useful to grab the desired put up the scholar's longs for his or her future.

Art and Craft Courses:

Art has constantly been a critical part of the Indian historical past and culture. This course advances one’s expertise of the equal even as simultaneously offering competencies inside the subject. This is an amateur's direction within the subjects and maybe a useful factor within the resume while making use of jobs like instructors, art teachers, and so forth. Explore more on the aspects of Art & Craft now!

Popular Courses:

In today’s ever-changing world, communication and connection remain key to success. This interactive, online program delivers strategies for students to clearly and effectively communicate in professional, academic, and personal settings.

Academic Courses:

There are many examination possibilities provided in a huge number of colleges and universities everywhere in the world: from companion levels to certificates, from courses to diplomas, and lots of extras. Available in a huge variety of topics, taking a diploma will assist college students to develop precious private and expert abilities.

Membership Details:

Bronze Membership:

We believe that no course is complete without a subscription plan, and hence we offer you our Bronze Subscription plan of Rs 599/- per month!

Silver Membership:

Just how a book is incomplete without a pencil, so are our courses incomplete without a subscription plan! Get yourself a Silver Membership of Rs 1499/- for 3 months, today!

Gold Membership:

We understand you may need some time hence we have come up with our best offer just for you! Get yourself the Gold Membership subscription plan for Rs 2499/- for 6 months today!

Platinum Membership:

Interestingly we also have some of our most amazing courses in this package called Platinum Membership! Get yourself a subscription of this amazing package for Rs 3499/- for a whole year!

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