Microsoft Excel For Beginners Online Course - Hindi cover

Microsoft Excel For Beginners Online Course - Hindi

Complete Microsoft excel basics online training in Hindi with a course completion certificate.

Instructor: Letstute

Language: Hindi

Enrolled Learners: 42

Validity Period: 182 days

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This MS Excel course is designed under the expert knowledge of a known expert CA Santosh Apraj. All this was done with the use of the latest Office 365 and updated MS Excel software program on windows. Through this course, you will acquire the complete knowledge of Excel Fundamentals along with the necessary formulas and functions, and all this would be in Hindi!

What You Will Be Learning?

  • How to use Shortcuts and Important tools in Excel
  • Difficult formulas with easy explanations
  • How to deal with a large amount of data
  • Text, Numbers, Math, Lookup functions, Statistical functions
  • Charts, Pivot tables

Who Can Apply?

  • Individuals seeking jobs
  • College Students
  • Working Professionals

Our goal through this course is to ease the explanation and put down difficult formulae with easy explanations which could help you in your daily life. To make this course an interesting one, we have some Q&As after each session so that you can test your knowledge and skills as well! We make sure in reaching out to the learners in their own comfort zone and hence have now opt to make this course in Hindi as well! A basic idea or a basic course of knowing how to work with Microsoft Excel.

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