About Us

About Us

Let’s tute (Universal Learning Aid) is an E-learning company based in Mumbai, India. Our goal is to make some meaningful positive impact in the education segment by providing quality education content to all students who want to explore, visualize and apply their learning to real life. We explain concepts in a very detailed and logical manner. We put focus on ‘self-learning’ and not teaching. Students need not mug up anything or try to remember things but they should be able to understand it in a way that the knowledge stays with them for life.

We create
  • Academic Content: Mathematics, Science, English Grammar and Book Keeping & Accountancy.
  • Competitive Examination
  • Coding and Machine Language
  • Non-Academic /Skill based Content: Digital marketing, Spoken English, Art & Craft, Mehendi, Calligraphy and many more
  • Content for Professionals/Accountants: Cash flow and Ratio analysis, financial planning, etc.

Our content is useful for any student or person from any country pursuing any board/university who wants to learn. Our content will take you beyond class rooms, text books, examinations and marks.

Hindi is the national language and the primary medium of instruction in many schools across India. We are creating all the above-mentioned content in Hindi as well. We’ve also started creating content in Marathi for people of Maharashtra.

We also create content for ‘Value Education’ to give positive direction to students for shaping their future and life.

Our content is available on our website (www.letstute.com), Udemy and our YouTube channels.

We distribute our content at a very reasonable price to make it affordable to all. This is to match with our objective of providing “Equal opportunity to all students for education”