About Us

About Us

Let’s tute (Universal Learning Aid) is an E-learning company based in Mumbai, India. Our goal is to make some meaningful positive impact in education segment by providing quality education content to all students who want to explore, visualize and apply their learning to real life. We explain concepts in a very detailed and logical manner. We put focus on ‘self-learning’ and not teaching. Students need not mug up anything or try to remember things but they should be able to understand it in a way that the knowledge stays with them for life.

We create Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science and BookKeeping & Accountancy content. Our content is useful for any student from any country pursuing any board/university. Our content takes them beyond class rooms, text books, examinations and marks.

Hindi being the national language and the primary medium of instruction in many schools across India, we create content in the Hindi Language which will be available forever free on our Youtube channel 'Letstute in Hindi'.

We also create content for ‘Value Education’ to promote good habits and thoughts in students to prepare them to be a better citizen. We believe that Value Education should be given due weightage in schools/colleges.

For us, Education is not a business and money is not a primary motive for us. We distribute our content at a very very low price with a view to make it affordable to each and every student. We will be very happy to make available our content ‘free of any cost’ to students who can’t afford any amount.

Parents need not worry for money for education of their children. Any student.. wherever he/she is.. be it in a big city, town or village... in any country.. he/she should be able to get quality education!

Our company is promoted by Mr. Shripal Morakhia (Promoter of IDFC SSKI, Sharekhan, Smaaash Entertainment). Mr. Atul Doshi (Chartered Accountant) is a Team Leader and Honorary Director.