15 Short Cut Keys Of Excel That Help To Work Fast

                                                          Sat Dec 17, 2022

Excel is a powerful tool that you can use to organize, analyze and share data. It's also one of the most popular programs in the world. The best excel keyboard shortcuts help you work faster and more efficiently to get more work done in less time. We've compiled a list of 15 important excel shortcuts for your convenience so you can work faster with excel.

Table of Contents:

 A. 15 Shortcut keys of Excel

 B. Conclusion  

15 Shortcut keys of Excel

1. Ctrl+Shift+End

This key combination is used to end a cell or row by moving the cursor at the end of it. To move the cursor up, press the Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow key combination and for moving down, use the Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow key combination.

2. Alt+Tab

Use this shortcut key combination when you want to switch between open windows in Excel without closing them first (such as between two different worksheets). You can also use this shortcut key combination when there is only one window open but if there are multiple windows open then the Alt+Tab will not work well since they are all vying for your attention!

3. Alt+down arrow
Moves the cursor down one cell at a time until it reaches the bottom of the column or row where it stops. Pressing the alt+down arrow again will move back up one cell at a time until it reaches its original position above the cursor (the topmost cell). Pressing the alt+down arrow again will move back down so that you can continue moving down through your spreadsheet using this method. This technique is sometimes referred to as "row-by-row" navigation because each time you press the alt+down arrow it moves down through an entire row of cells before returning up to where you started. 

4. Ctrl+F (Find)

 This key is used to search for a word or phrase in your document, worksheet, or any other place where you have entered text. This key will open the Find dialog box which contains all the options related to finding things in your document. You can also use this key combination while searching within a cell (or range) of data.

5. Ctrl+W

Close the active sheet tab or close the dialog box without closing the file. This is useful when you have a lot of open windows and want to get rid of one without closing all others, just press Ctrl+W and it will disappear from view immediately!

6. Ctrl + Shift + F

This combination selects all cells in the active range and makes them editable. It’s a handy way to make changes across many cells at once without having to manually select each one individually. These shortcuts key can make it very easy to learn excel for beginners.

7. Alt + F3

This key combination is used to copy the current cell or range into another cell or range. For example, if you want to paste the value in A2 into cell B2, press Alt+F3 and then click on B2. The same process can be used for moving data between cells as well. You might also use this shortcut key when copying formulas from one place to another within a worksheet. but be careful not to confuse it with Ctrl+C which copies an entire column or row into the next empty cell below it!

8. Ctrl+n

This is one of the most important excel shortcuts key in Excel. This combination of keys will open up a new file in the current window, but if there's already an open document in that window, it'll just create another copy of it instead.

9. Alt+Home

This shortcut key combination takes you back to where your cursor was located when you started typing into an empty column or row, or just before the first blank cell in a worksheet (if there are no empty cells). Pressing Alt+Home twice will take you back two steps, which means that if your cursor is located between two columns and rows, this shortcut will only move it up one row (or column) each time it is pressed once.

10. Ctrl + Shift + A

This is another handy shortcut key that will take you directly to AutoFormat options in Excel. When we use this key combination, it will automatically apply formatting options such as bold, italic, etc., based on what has been entered into the cell. Learn excel for beginners can be a tough task but with the use of shortcut keys, you can make it easier.

11. Alt+F2

Use this shortcut key combination if you need to go directly to any other part of Excel without using the Ribbon menus or dialog boxes. This will take you directly to another sheet in the same workbook window or another tab inside that window depending on where your cursor is when pressing Alt+F2.

12. Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow

This shortcut lets you move the active cell up one row or down one column. This is especially useful when working with large data sets, where it may be impossible to scroll through them all on your own. You can also use this shortcut to select the whole column or row if there are too many cells in it for you to see clearly at once.

13. Ctrl + T

This shortcut key combination opens up the “Table” menu which allows you to create tables within your worksheet or even add them from scratch. You can also use this shortcut key combination while in edit mode to select specific rows or columns within a table based on their index number (1-100).

14. Alt+Ctrl+F

This key combination opens the Format Cells dialog box so that you can apply formatting options such as bold and italics, change fonts and cell borders, adjust alignment, add borders or fill colors, apply cell styles and choose border styles for cells in tables. You can also use this key combination to open other dialog boxes such as Conditional Formatting Rules Editor and Data Outline pane (if available).

15. Ctrl+F3

Press this key combination once, then select any cell within the current column or row (not just those directly below). Pressing this combination again will take you to back up one level from where you started, so if you were looking at A1:C3 but wanted to look at A2 instead, simply press Ctrl+F3 twice more until A2 comes into view on its own. These combinations are the best excel keyboard shortcuts  to complete your tasks in less time.


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