Top 10 Trendy Mehndi Designs You Must Try Now

WED APR 13, 2022

Mehndi patterns are a classic type of South Asian body art, particularly in India. It is a means for individuals to show their delight as well as get dressed up for a particular event, whether it's for a wedding or a festival.

By employing colors derived from natural materials, mehndi designs may be applied as temporary tattoos too. Mehndi patterns frequently use complicated geometric and symmetrical shapes that resemble flowers, plants, or animals.

While there are a million patterns to get, we’ve picked the top and trendiest mehndi designs for you! Look no further if you’re out to get some great quirky mehndi patterns.


Easy and Trendy Mehndi Designs for Beginners

Popular henna patterns are gaining popularity as henna tattoo designs in Western nations. Even so, the mehndi design and the lovely print it leaves is a terrific way to entice many.

You no longer need to draw a wide circle in the middle of your palm and cover your fingers with henna paste since designing mehndi patterns is simpler than you could have thought!

Here are some easy designs you can try, especially if you’re working with mehndi for the first time.

The Simple Spiral

For mehndi enthusiasts who want something simple yet eye-catching, try this lovely spiral mehndi pattern on the front of your hands.

It is recommended to begin sketching this motif with your fingertip.

The details in this specific mehndi pattern are simple yet gorgeous. This mehndi pattern is appropriate for any event and would look wonderful on people of all ages.

The Hand Jewellery

Those who like something simple and sweet might attempt a flowery hand harness inspired mehndi design. It's very simple to draw and looks great on the back of your hands.

If you intend on wearing little hand jewelry, this mehndi pattern will provide a splash of color to your ensemble. This is an excellent mehndi design for a friend's wedding or a close relative's mehndi event.

The Fish Net 

If you’re a desi bride who wants to try something different for their wedding, you can try the fishnet design.

The best part is that you can get it done quickly or on your own! This is because it is a simple yet chic mehndi pattern with a jaali or a fishnet kind of pattern. It looks pretty even though it only covers your palms.

This is also an excellent mehndi design for married ladies to use for Karwa Chauth festivities. This is since it has a gorgeous whole hand mehndi design appeal with a contemporary twist.

How Should You Create Your Trendy Mehndi?

When creating a mehndi design, consider how your hands appear. Is it light or dark, large or small?

Then consider the event for which you are receiving mehndi - is it a wedding? Is it a holiday? An Eid party or other type of celebration.

Next, examine your current mood and the message you want to portray with this design. Is it amusing or elegant? Or perhaps something in between.

When it comes to exquisite Mehndi patterns, there is no such thing as a mistake if you believe it's lovely, it is! With this, let’s head to the topmost trending designs curated for you to look your best.

10 Trendy Mehndi Designs You Must Try Now

It's the season of celebration, and it's going to be crazy and extremely stressful. However, you don't have to worry about your Mehndi!

Read below to learn everything there is to know about the trending types of mehndi patterns you may wear this season.

1. Moroccan Mehndi Designs

Moroccan mehndi designs are gorgeous in their own right, and the greatest part is that they are recognized for their unisex patterns.

These mehndi patterns have their compelling appeal and elegance, with geometric shapes, lines, and curves, as well as tribal themes.

Aside from the traditional Mehndi designs, you may add this one to the list of the greatest Mehndi designs and show off your hands.

2. Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani Mehndi designs, which represent values and traditions, include leaves, flowers, mosques, mandala designs, domes, and many more patterns, such as paisley patterns.

These mehndi patterns are more difficult to frame since they have thicker contours. They appear magnificent and elegant when applied to the hands.

3. Indo-Arabic Designs

The ideal combination of Indian and Arabic style mehndi, complete with all of its beauty and complexities.

Indo-Arabic mehndi design is one of the most stunning fusions in mehndi designs, with all the patterns consisting of leaves, flowers, paisleys, dots, and bold lines with empty spaces.

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind mehndi design to adorn your hands on special events and festivals, this one is a definite bet.

4. The Indo-Western Design 

An Indo-Western mehndi design features a lot of normal and common designs mixed in with some extremely unusual ones that look incredibly fantastic. With exquisite Indo-Western or fusion Mehndi Design, there are a million ways to play with fashion such as clothing, jewelry, and shoes.

You can have the flower motifs, which make the design appear decorative and extremely feminine.

5. Join the Dots

This is a really lovely, simple, and one-of-a-kind mehndi design. The simplest and most distinctive feature of mehndi design is a few simple dots done on the palms or even on the fingers.

You may also add stunning design features, like spaces and gaps, to enhance the simplicity of this fashionable mehndi design.

6. Throw in the Glitter

Glitter may be used to enhance a simple mehndi pattern. To completely compliment your special events, make sure the design is detailed but clean.

This is the most popular wedding mehndi style, as the bride may match the glitter color to her wedding gown.

7. The Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers, according to those who believe in them, operate as a filter for dreams.

They send positive dreams to the sleeper and negative ones away. Traditional dream catchers have eight spots where the web connects to the hoop.

This is a stylish tattoo design that is becoming increasingly popular across the world. It's fashionable, one-of-a-kind, and makes a striking fashion statement.

8. The Tribal Designs

For their distinctiveness and flair, tribal mehndi patterns are quite popular all over the world. The ancient designs are really beautiful and lovely.

Aside from their extraordinary visual brilliance, tribal mehndi art has played an important role in sustaining national integrity, crystallizing social unity, and fostering cultural diversity.

It is certainly a way of portraying big values, in small art.

9. The Minimalist's Garden Design

Try this mehndi design inspired by a minimalist's garden. It provides beauty to your bridal or festive appearance with simple leaves and patterns. It is enough negative space for your skin to peek at a boo in between your mehndi design.

This half-and-half mehndi pattern on the back of your hands is a huge "keep it simple and elegant" objective.

10. Lotus and Rose Designs

The hottest on the trend list are some motifs of roses and lotus. They make any mehndi design look extremely adorable and chic.

You’d definitely want to get your hands full of mehndi right now, with these little and huge lotuses and flowers. Do this while incorporating some doodle designs as well. Doesn't this seem lovely?

Mehndi Designs for Feet

Modern mehndi patterns also look fantastic on the feet. If you want to make a statement with your mehndi design, use hues like black or turquoise.

These are also great if you're searching for some unique wedding day beauty ideas: match them with a long gown and shoes, and no one will ever forget your flawless skin.

What's the best part? You'll never have problems choosing the right outfit when all of your items match beautifully owing to these small elements in the backdrop.

Mehndi Designs for Children

Children's mehndi designs are becoming increasingly popular. It is an excellent method to teach children about art and self-expression.

Kids adore mehndi tattoos because they are so simple to create and flaunt. Most mehndi patterns for kids may be as basic or as intricate as you like.

As a result, mehndi is a fantastic method to get your youngster engaged in arts and crafts.

You may also introduce this ancient art form by creating a treat bag with these beautiful designs. After all, who doesn't enjoy getting gifts?


How long does it take for a mehndi or henna tattoo to fade?

A mehndi or henna tattoo on the hands or wrists typically lasts one to two weeks before fading. However, everyone's body composition is unique, so your results may vary. Mehndi on the feet or ankles typically stays considerably longer, typically four to five weeks.

What exactly is Karwa Chauth, and how does it relate to Mehndi designs?

Karwa Chauth is a Hindu event that commemorates Kartik and Gauri's love. For his husband's sake, the wife goes without food or water from sunrise until sunset, which may result in dehydration.

During this day, women wear mehndi (henna) designs on their hands and feet as a symbol of their marriage. And also of the couple's upcoming good moments.

What's the distinction between Mehndi and Henna?

Mehndi and henna are closely related. Henna refers to a plant, a vine that produces a reddish-brown color. Those leaves are known as mehndi. They are then processed into a powder or paste and used as a dye.

Mehndi is an oily paste prepared from powdered plants and flowers; henna comes in a variety of hues. Mehndi is a Sanskrit term, while Henna is an Arabic term.

Is henna Indian or Arabic in origin?

It's a valid question if henna is Indian or Arabic. In truth, henna is more often used in South Asia, and the term ‘hena’ comes from the Arabic word for henna.

Traditionally, henna was not applied to the hands. Mehndi has just lately made its way into Western society, with people getting it done on their hands as well as their toes.

What are the two most intriguing aspects of Mehndi?

Mehndi has several medical effects, including the treatment of tension, fever, and headaches. This is also one of the reasons why mehndi is done to the bride- to take her mind off the wedding.

It also increases blood circulation and the overall wellness of the body.

Summing Up

Do you wish you had a good collection of your mehndi photographs? Look no farther! These top ten mehndi designs are playful yet gorgeous, one-of-a-kind yet magical, and unquestionably mehndi goal.

Give your eyes a well-deserved treat by feasting on these top 10 mehndi patterns that are stunning, one-of-a-kind, and a true head-turner to say the least.

Start saving and sharing this article if you’re ready to get your hands beautified! Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments below.

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