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Basics of Cell Biology Online Course

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Description: Cell biology

                 This course has been designed to strengthen your basics and give you in-depth knowledge about some advanced topics. It has 4o lectures spanning 4+ hours of on-demand videos that are divided into 4 sections. Each topic is explained broadly.

This course consists of video sessions with basic animation for better visualisation and understanding.

What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn detailed information about the following topics:

  • Basics of Cell Biology: Cell biology is the study of cells which includes learning about the cell structure and all the parts which are included in the metabolic process of the body.

  • Type of tissues and their functions: In this session you will learn about the different types of tissues and their functions. It includes both animal and plant tissues and their functions in the system. 

  • Life processes with different organs: In this section you will study all the life processes and the organ involved in it. Human Heart, Human brain, Human respiratory system, Reproduction system and many more are covered in it. 

  • Diseases caused in the human body:

  • In this course you will learn about  morphology and mode of transmission of infectious bacteria, viruses & parasites.You will also learn about disease caused by the microorganism and prevention you need to take. 


Who can take this course?

  • Students in middle and high school from all boards.

  • Anyone who is preparing for competitive exams, who needs to brush up on their fundamentals.

  • Anyone who wants to brush up on their mathematical fundamentals.

  • Parents or teachers who require additional help. 

Benefits of taking up this course

   This course is beneficial to both beginners and advanced students. Each topic includes a simple explanation of concepts. We are confident that this course will provide a strong foundation for students and those planning to study higher biology. After completing the full course letstute will provide you with a completion certificate.

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