Mathematics Class 10 Maharashtra Board Chartbook cover

Mathematics Class 10 Maharashtra Board Chartbook

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This Chart Book on Mathematics has been designed for the students of Class 10 SSC (Maharashtra Board). 

It would act as a quick reference guide and would help students with their last-minute revision as the entire chapter is summarized in multiple charts. 

All chapters covered With QR Codes For Class 10 Students

Books Covers: Formula Definition Theorem Important Key points charts

Perfect Gifting Option For Students of Age 14 - 16 years

High-Quality charts made under the supervision of experts

Total Numbers of Charts - 47, Also can be used for last minute revision for exams. 

The chapters covered include:

Mathematics - I

1) Linear equations in Two Variables

2) Quadratic Equations

3) Arithmetic Progression

4) Financial Planning

5) Probability

6) Statistics

Mathematics -II

1) Similarity

2) Pythagoras Theorem

3) Circle

4) Geometric Constructions

5) Co-ordinate Geometry

6) Trigonometry

7) Mensuration This Chart Book covers: 

1. Definitions

2. Formulae Table

3. Important Theorem and Properties

4. Points to Remember

5. Some QR codes to watch videos for the detailed explanation

QR codes when scanned with a mobile scanner take to our YouTube channel ‘Letstute’ where he/she can watch our free videos (need an internet connection) on the topic.

We have 100+ videos that are accessible on several other platforms as described on the back cover of this Booklet.

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