Portrait Mehndi Online Course in Hindi cover

Portrait Mehndi Online Course in Hindi

Instructor: Letstute

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: Lifetime

$35.99 including 18% GST

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What you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals of Portrait Mehndi, including basics of portrait design and types of face cuts.
  • Mehndi material preparation, including making paste and cones. Techniques for taking face measurements and beginning portrait Mehndi.
  • Detailed methods for shading, outlining, and detailing in portrait Mehndi.
  • Tracing methods for Mehndi portraits, including material requirements and post-tracing detailing.


Explore the specialized field of Portrait Mehndi with this course, designed for both beginners and experienced artists.

Starting from the basics of portrait design, face cuts, and material preparation, this course guides you through the intricate process of creating detailed Mehndi portraits.

Learn both direct and tracing methods to master the art of portrait Mehndi.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals interested in learning the unique art of Portrait Mehndi.
  • Mehndi artists looking to specialize in portrait designs.
  • Beginners and experienced artists seeking to expand their Mehndi skills.
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