Basic Concepts in Accounting

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Basic Concepts in Accounting Accounting is a commercial language that you may be looking to venture into. With this language, you can convey financial transactions and their outcomes. However, you may find yourself being overwhelmed with all its concepts and procedures. So where can you begin? Do n...

What Are Real Accounts?

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What Are Real Accounts? Every economic entity is required to provide financial data to all its stakeholders. The economic information given must be accurate and offer a genuine image of the company. Real Accounts are official, permanent components of a company's records. Wondering what they are and...

What Is Depreciation In Accounting?

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What Is Depreciation In Accounting? Table Of Contents: What Is Depreciation? What Kind Of Assets Can You Depreciate? How To Calculate Depreciation? Types Of Depreciation Why Does Depreciation Matter? Frequently Asked Questions Conclusion What Is Depreciation? Allocation of a one-time expenditure on...

What Is Cost Accounting & Why Is It So Important?

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What Is Cost Accounting & Why Is It So Important? Curious about "what is cost accounting? Cost accounting is mostly used by manufacturing industries and businesses. Although it is a branch of Accounting it is different from financial accounting. Don't worry if you don't know much about cost account...

What Is Trial Balance & Why Is It So Important?

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What Is Trial Balance & Why Is It So Important? Today we will be talking about "what is trial balance?" and everything you need to know about it. If that’s what you are looking for then you have come to the right place. Let’s get right to it then without wasting any more time. Read on... Table Of C...
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