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Introduction to Partnership Firm

This video explains the following concepts :
Basics of Partnership
Adjustments in Capital Accounts
Presentation of Profit & Loss Accounts
Methods of Capital Accounts

Amazing Trick To Understand Mensuration Formulae

In this session we will get to know all the mathematics mensuration formulas. All in one i.e cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cone, frustum.

Exam Preparation Tips | How to Prepare Well in Exam

This Video is categorize into three parts:
Things to Do Few Months Before Examsf. On The Day of Your Examg. Just A Day Before Your Exams

Magical Math

In this video on "magical math" we will see how a number trick or puzzles work on the basis of math.

There are three tricks and reveal part as well which shows the work of magical math.

Light Reflection in Plane Mirror (Ray Diagram)

Check out our video on "Light Reflection in plane Mirror"

The last session was just about understanding properties of images formed in plane mirrors. In this session we will verify them while learning how to produce ray diagrams for the images.

Trigonometry Board Question 2015 | Solved Paper

This video will give you a complete solution to the questions asked in the previous year board Examination 2015